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- Early Bird: €25,-
- Lucky Bird: €27,50
- Regular: €30,-
- Regular + Spirit Of Hardstyle Bomber: €77,50
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Noisecontrollers invites you to celebrate his greatest musical milestone to date! On December 28th, ‘Noisecontrollers & Friends’ will take place in the acclaimed 013 in Tilburg. An exclusive show to celebrate one of the largest discographies ever created by a Hardstyle artist.

Together with his closests friends from the scene, Noisecontrollers will make sure this will be the ultimate Hardstyle celebration. A once in a lifetime experience filled with specials, showcases, unexpected b2b’s and lots of new music & collabs.

When he started counting in May with the release of Headlights (#196) the world knew something was going on. Followed by the experimental Pyramid (#197) in July and melodic Shine (#198) in August. Building up towards The Approach (#199) planned for September 30th. Preparing you for the moment he drops the magical #200…

“After releasing almost 200 tracks, the art of creation influences my life incredibly and means the world to me. I definitely won’t stop soon and have a lot more coming up for you the next few months... we’ll shake the world of hardstyle!”